Our Story

In 1976, while Mao Tse-tung passed away and the U.S. issued the $2.00 bill, Eddy started his company in Bassano del Grappa, in the Veneto region. His vision was a world where everyone deserved to use beautiful, practical and sturdy ceramics at home, on an everyday basis. As customers point out frequently, it is those little pleasures that make life nicer.

In 1994, “le Ceramiche” moved from its original location in the historically famous Bassano del Grappa to what is probably the most amazing sight in town: the Old Bridge. The locals call it the Alpini’s Bridge, but no matter what you call it, this downtown location was perfect for Eddy to expand his business. Right in the middle of the town, “le Ceramiche” nowadays produces over 2’000 ceramics a year.

Cups, plates, salad bowls, tapas plates, saucers, round, square or coupe: each and every one of them is still handcrafted by Eddy himself, exactly the way it all started 37 years ago. Today, his sons Matteo and Andrea are also part of “le Ceramiche”. Make sure to stop by one of their shops, in Bassano or Lignano, where you can live in person Eddy’s passion for ceramics. If you can’t, this website is here to make sure you can, wherever you are.


Our Mission

Le Ceramiche of Bassano del Grappa aims to bring unique and creative products to your homes, thanks to a great deal of experience in the field of ceramic craftsmanship.

The company is opposed to the production of series objects, anonymous and all the same, offering craft pieces to appreciate the beauty of imperfections, making them exclusive and inimitable items.

Natural elements, bright colors and reliefs will come on your plates to enrich your dishes and impress your guests with handmade pieces from a company that has been working for more than 40 years to enhance the beauty of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

About us