The importance of hands

Ceramic is a delicate malleable and fragile material. Who purchases a product in Ceramics is not looking for the expression of design and perfection that can be found in industrial dishware. Ceramic conveys warmth because imperfect. The imperfections are the proofs of the artisanal production, corrected step after step by the experts hands of local artisans. The hands that make Ceramics are hardened by the water. They are made insensitive by the high temperatures of the products coming out of kilns.

Despite these abuses the hands of the artisans are perfectly accurate in handling the products during every moment of production. These hands bear the responsibility of finished products. When you hold artisanal ceramics in your hands, look for the proofs. Look for the prints of the artisans, the dots on the glaze or the imperfections of decoration. When you purchase a product with these characteristics you will be certain of taking home the product of the experience, the passion and the tradition of the Ceramics of Bassano del Grappa.



Our experience in this area allows us to create high quality, finely crafted and finely crafted objects. Every single product is unique and can convey the passion we use in our profession.



Our ceramics are hand-decorated. We only use the highest quality materials that guarantee durability in time and maximum safety. Each piece is the result of the talents and creativity of our craftsmen.