“Venere” black rice with vegetables and shrimps

Spring is finally near. Let’s celebrate it with a healthy and tasteful meal! Colours, smells and flavours
become light and delicate in this season and the “Venere” black rice with stir-fry vegetables and
shrimps recipe represents a perfect “springy” dish.

It is very easy to made, and it is also very colourful. It can work with or without shrimps, as without fish this meal is a tasty veggie one.
So, let’s cook now!

Ingredients for four people
Venere black rice 250 g
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20 g
Shrimps 300 g
Zucchini 300 g
Peppers 300g
Eggplant 300 g
Lemon (juice e zest) 1
Salt and pepper
A clove of garlic

Let’s start!
Boil water and add salt, then pour the rice and cook it for as long as necessary (30 to 40 minutes,
parboiled down to 10 minutes. See the box).

Wash and chop the vegetables in chunks. Sauté the garlic until it turns light brown, then remove it
and stir fry the vegetables for 15 minutes (you can do this process for each vegetable or cook them
together at once).

Now let’s clean the shrimps: remove the carapace, cut the tail and devein the shrimp. Spray them
with olive oil and add some grated lemon zest, salt, pepper and tabasco. Now sauté them with a
spoon of lemon juice for a couple of minutes and that’s it.

Here we are: mix the rice, the vegetables and the shrimps and serve.Voilà, the Venere black rice with stir-fry vegetables and shrimps is ready. Enjoy this taste of spring!

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