The recipe of the Easter cake (or torta pasqualina)

The savory pie that cannot miss on the Easter table.

The Easter cake, or torta pasqualina, is a savory cake typical of the Easter period. It’s a recipe from the  Liguria Region, which has spread throughout Italy. Simple to prepare, you can use both spinach or chard.

2 rolls of brisee pasta
500 gr of clean spinach or chard

250 gr of ricotta cheese
80 gr of pecorino cheese
4 eggs

How to prepare:
Stew the vegetables in a pan. Drain the water well, squeeze and chop the vegetables , place them in a bowl with ricotta, pecorino cheese, an egg, salt and pepper.
Stir until a homogeneous filling is obtained.
Line a cake pan with a first disc of dough, prick the base and pour the filling inside.
With a spoon, form some cavities and place the three shelled eggs.
Cover with the other pasta disc, close again sealing the edges, then prick the surface and brush with milk. Bake the Easter cake in oven at 190 ° and cook for 45 minutes.

The Easter cake is ready for the Easter table!

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